We are not only a destination. POISED is a feeling! The feeling of you being your best, doing your best and looking your best!

Our licensed professionals provide our Guests with comfort & the expertise needed to make decisions about the best treatments suited for each individual need. We are all different but we all want to look & feel our best.

Poised is dedicated to using the best quality products to provide you with a luxurious self care beauty experience from start to finish.

We educate you on how our beauty treatments can enhance your natural beauty because we want you to feel seen & heard. We remind you when you self care you naturally have the confidence you need to go out & pursue your dreams!

It all starts here with you! Our assignment is YOU & we want to water YOU!


Debbie Parrilla love & enjoyment of self care came at an early age. A practice she learned from her grandmother. The matriarch of the family. An Extremely strong and hardworking woman who took care of all her children and grandchildren while always keeping up with herself. She introduced Debbie to hair salons at the age of six, enrolled her in modeling school at the age of nine and always taught her that taking care of yourself through beauty routines is key to feeling Poised even in the worst of times!

Practicing self care comes naturally. The feeling of looking her best and helping other women look and feel their best is what POISED is all about! She wants to remind all Women of the mental mastery they have over themselves through the art of self care.


frequently asked questions

Poised is located Inside Salons By JC adjacent to Stew Leonards

Tues 10-6 Wed,Thurs, Fri 10-7 Sat 10-3 Sun/Mon Closed

There is Mall Parking available

Although we love kiddies we prefer you come to your appointment alone to avoid any distractions and to give you the best Poised experience possible.

All employees are only licensed Cosmetologists and always continuing education.